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Beyond the Music Lesson

Mar 27, 2018

On Today's episode we answer a listener question about when a child is talking too much in the music lesson and share our tips of the week. 

Our guest on the show is educator and trombonist Anthony Mazzocchi. He is also author of the book The Music Parent's Guide: A Survival Kit for the New Music Parent. We had a great conversation about success in school music programs and how parents can help. Anthony had great things to say about the myth of talent and practice that apply to all students - in school programs or private studios. 

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Show Notes

Regina Carter's "Paganini: After a Dream" 

"The Talent Code" and "The Little Book of Talent" by Daniel Coyle

Anthony Mazzocchi's blog: The Music Parents' Guide

Anthony's book on Amazon: The Music Parents Guide: A Survival Kit for the New Music Parent. You can also get a copy by contacting Anthony through his blog 

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